The 12 Ingredients You Must Look For While Buying hCG drops

The 12 Ingredients You Must Look For While Buying hCG drops

Obesity has become an epidemic these days. Almost 30 percent of the world’s population is overweight. That’s one in every 3! There are many diet plans and products which claim to help people shed those extra pounds, but one particular product that is getting the attention of people is the hCG drops.

Note: It is not possible to lose weight by just taking these drops. There is a diet plan that comes with these drops. The intake of calories has to be reduced.

Ingredients to look for in the hCG drops:

Now when you go to the market to buy this amazing product, keep an eye out for the following ingredients to be present on the label. These ingredients make this product an effective weight loss tool.


The natural hCG hormone is a prescription drug which cannot be sold without the prescription of a doctor. The hCG in drops available over the counter is basically, natural hCG’s homoeopathic mimic which has the same effect on weight loss as the natural hormone.

It mobilizes the fat stores of the body. The body then burns this mobilised fat and utilises it to obtain energy. It also preserves the muscle mass of the body as the body is using fat as the energy source.

Muscles are the workhorses of the body; fat is just an unwanted guest. So you lose weight but you don’t get weak.

hCG has another effect too. It suppresses the feeling of hunger. One doesn’t get the uncomfortable hunger pangs which make fasting easier.


2.Vitamin B-12 (also known as Cobalamin):

Vitamin B-12 is a wonder vitamin with numerous beneficial effects on our body. It prevents anemia, protects the cells in our brain, prevents peripheral neuropathies.

It makes our nails, hair and skin healthy.

It also has a protective effect on eyes and bones, and the list goes on and on.

But the most relevant benefit of vitamin B-12 is that it boosts our body metabolism (and you guessed it right, faster the metabolism, more we burn calories, and more we lose weight)

3.Alanine (or beta-Alanine):

It is another amino acid which plays an important role in the energy cycle of our body. It helps in generating glucose. Glucose is the principal substrate which our body uses for energy. It also enhances our physical strength, endurance and performance.

It is also very popular with athletes as a supplement.

4.Arginine (also known as L-Arginine) :

Arginine is an amino acid. Basically, amino acids are the building blocks which make proteins in our body.

Arginine plays an important role in wound healing, boosting our immune function, removing ammonia from our body and in the excretion of some very important hormones like the growth hormone.

5.Niacin (also known as Vitamin B-3):

Niacin boosts enzymes thus boosting our body metabolism. This effect is utilized by this weight loss product.

In addition to its role as a weight loss agent, it also lowers LDL and cholesterol, thus preventing heart diseases.

It also prevents pellagra.


Ornithine is yet another amino acid that plays its part in the urea cycle in our body, thus being necessary for the removal of nitrogenous waste from our body.

7.Maca or Peruvian Ginseng (its scientific name is Lepidium meyenii):

Maca has long been used as a supplement by athletes. It helps one gain muscle, provides energy and boosts physical performance.

Here in this weight loss product also, these benefits of Maca are being put to practical use. Maca will give you energy while you are on the restricted diet plan.

Some other benefits of Maca include its incremental effects on male fertility and alleviating postmenopausal symptoms.

8.Pygeum africanum:

A herbal extract taken from the bark of the African cherry tree. It is a stomach soother. Stomach has a strong acid in it which helps in the food digestion process. But the acid may cause inflammation of the stomach lining during long periods of fasting.

Pygeum will soothe the stomach lining during the duration one is on the strict diet plan that has to be followed with the hCG drops.

Other worth mentioning benefits include its reducing effect on benign prostatic hyperplasia and its effectiveness as an antipyretic.

9.GABA (gamma amino butyric acid):

GABA has a proven role in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and uplifting of depressive moods. It also helps reduce the levels of muscle fatigue and tiredness.

10.20% ethanol:

It is an inactive ingredient. Ethanol is mixed with the hCG to extends the life of the hCG. If ethanol is not mixed with the hCG, the hCG will not be stable. It will denature readily. It will also be impossible to store it at room temperature.

Mixing ethanol in these hCG drops extends the life of the hCG.It also enables the user to store the hCG drops at room temperature. This property makes it convenient to use.

It especially helps those for people who travel a lot. Because it will be impossible for someone who travels a lot to keep these drops refrigerated at all times during a trip.

Note: Preparations of hCG drops without ethanol are also available.

11.Distilled water:

To provide this product in a solution form, distilled water is used. Pre-prepared solution form is preferred to dispense the hCG so that it can be taken in the form of drops.

12.Carnitine: (also known as L-Carnitine)

Carnitine is an amino acid. It has a very important role in the weight loss process. It helps the fats entering the cells (like our muscles) where they are broken down as fuel to provide energy to our body.

It facilitates the lipids and fats to enter the cells so the body can burn down those fats preferentially and we lose fat (so we lose weight).

And as already mentioned, this spares the body proteins (the body muscle mass or the lean body weight doesn’t decrease).

Carnitine is so important in our body that its deficiency leads to hypoglycemia and weakness.

This makes using this product really simple. It is really important that the hCG comes in a handy form that is easy to use because it has to be taken daily for weeks.

These hCG drops are prepared in a water-based solution because water is absorbed readily by the body. So having a water base, plays an important role in its efficient uptake by the body. It also helps in the bloodstream movement once absorbed.

We hope that the next time you go to the market, you will be able to find hCG diet drops which will help you shed those extra pounds and reach your ideal weight. Because if you have some information about what you are looking for in these drops, you will be able to choose the best option. Also, the best option will not compromise your health in any way.



I am and Andra Picincu. I am a personal trainer and a certified Nutritionist with 10+ years of experience. I hold a degree in Marketing and BA in Psychology. My mission is to make lose weight healthily on HCG diet. you can email me for custom diet plans and workout regimes.